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Topographical Surveys London

We carry out topographical surveys and measured existing building surveys, enabling the project to get off to the best possible start using the correct existing site information.

Topographical survey drawing

We produce industry standard drawings locating existing features which may be relevant to your project, including reduced levels referenced to Ordnance Survey data, so that from the start we are all working with the same information. Your structural engineer and your architect will be on the same page, so to speak.

Our surveys are accurate enough to provide you with the confidence to know that your design will fit on the site as you intended.

A topographical survey is an important document which needs to be produced prior to any constructions works in order to create the new design. It enables the new building to blend in with its surroundings and prevents any clashes with existing structures or elements. At Benchmark we are experienced at creating each drawing with a high degree of accuracy so if you are searching for topographical survey London you will find us up there with the larger companies. We use a combination of 3d laser scanning and advanced Total Station technology to ensure that your survey is a true representation of the existing site. Features such as service covers, kerb lines, lighting columns and existing buildings are surveyed and placed on a cad drawing. So next time you search for topographical survey London, be sure to visit Benchmark Site Engineering Services Ltd where your needs are attended to and the work gets done in good time. You will receive your drawings within a very reasonable timescale and to a high degree of accuracy.

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