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Crack monitoring is another of our key skills and something which we pride ourselves in providing to our customers. We own enough remote crack monitors to cover the largest of projects and would be pleased to offer you a competitive quote for any duration.


Due to the high density of building in London and the South East, there is often a requirement for crack monitoring. Party wall surveyors frequently request on behalf of their clients that existing cracks are continuously monitored in order to avoid questions of liability for damage caused by the operations on a particular site. Construction operations usually involve the use of heavy equipment which can cause vibration and therefore cracking in neighbouring properties. In particular, piling and basement excavation can be high-risk activities for causing ground vibration. This can be a nuisance to neighbours and can also cause structural damage to neighbouring buildings and/or equipment. At Benchmark Site Engineering Services Ltd we own a number of remote crack monitoring devices which measure the width of existing cracks to a high degree of accuracy. Our monitors detect the smallest changes in crack width, and are set up to automatically email alerts when crack width reaches a predetermined threshold. Email recipients can be specified by the client to include the structural engineer, party wall surveyor and the site team, so that any potentially dangerous changes in crack width is detected straight away and decisions can be made immediately about whether operations need to temporarily cease whilst the situation is assessed. Our clients appreciate the remote crack monitoring that we can provide. If you would like to discuss your requirements for crack monitoring feel free to call us for a no-obligation consultation.

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