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Movement Monitoring Services London

We use Leica TS15 1 second instruments to ensure reliable movement monitoring results.

Movement monitoring in London is a very commonplace activity due to the density of building and the sheer amount of construction works taking place. During any building works there is a risk of disturbing the surrounding structure or damaging the neighbouring buildings. Even the smallest movement can be an indication of worse things to come, and it is of utmost importance that these movements, however slight, are detected using the latest technology for structural movement monitoring. We use the highest accuracy instruments and produce the data in tabular and graphical formats so that the data can be easily visualised by the end user (usually the structural engineer). This is why movement monitoring London is such an important part of the overall planning of a project. Here at Benchmark Site Engineering Services Ltd we have plenty of experience and can help you with deciding on the best movement monitoring scheme in order to detect any movement as soon possible in the project. If you search for movement monitoring London you will find us on the first page because we are a highly recommended company.

Graphical presentation for every point

We monitor structural movement using the latest precision instruments from Leica Geosystems to ensure accuracy and reliability. We monitor structures for movement before, during and after construction projects. Reports are produced at an agreed interval and trigger values agreed with the client in advance.

Be it party walls or structures, we can monitor it at an agreed interval, whether it be once a week or once a month, and tailor a monitoring proposal to your project. Perhaps you will need more frequent reports at key stages of the project such as demolition/excavation, followed by less frequent reports for the remainder of the project. Our traffic-light system of movement alerts keep you informed with clear and accurate information relative to a baseline produced before any major work has commenced. 

Our initial setup includes consultation with the project Structural Engineer to ensure that targets are placed in the correct areas. We attached our targets with a stable adhesive which ensures that the movement monitoring service is uninterrupted by weather, wildlife or vandalism.

So if you are seeking a company to do your movement monitoring in London or the South East, contact us to get all of your questions answered.

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